and the Winners are …


3rd place – a mobile app that is focused on live peer-to-peer teaching in a classroom. The goal is to strengthen collaboration among students and to improve learning environment. They say that the best way to learn something is to teach someone else. This app is encouraging to do just that via live sitting chart creation. The app randomly pairs students of various expertise level in a particular skill; so that one can learn from another.

2nd place

Goal Tracker – a system that helps teachers to record and analyze students’ scores and to provide resources for students to improve their knowledge and test results. The platform allows you to use a built-in camera on your computer or a doc camera to input tests results. For all the wrong answered questions, it provides a necessary classwork. The goal of this platform is to help teachers with a better analysis of students performance; so that the schoolwork and educational process as whole can be modified and improved.

1st place

Pigeon – a tool that simplifies communication between English-speaking teachers and non-English-speaking parents. It provides teachers and parents with templates that can be translated in any language without grammatical and syntax errors. The messages can me sent by email, phone, text or print. In addition, templates have a set of actions that parents can take in order to follow up with the message. Communication is crucial in every aspect of life, and education is not an exception. So no more things missed in translation, happier kids, parents and teachers.

Data prize

Edunomics – graphically represents relationship between seemingly unrelated data facts, they named it “freakonomics of education”. This Microsoft based platform aggregates data from various government and public sources via RSS feeds and API and analyzes it based on the variables you selected. For example you can visually showcase how teen pregnancy affects drop-out rates in various states or countries.

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