Top 13 Ideas at NOVAedu Chosen, Teams Now Forming


Shortly after the Pitchfire, participants at the NOVAedu Startup Weekend voted for their favorite pitches.  As a result, the top 13 ideas (with 11 or more votes) move to the next stage of team formation and product development.

#NOVAedu SW commencing

The following teams that formed were:

Edu Data Mashup & Simulator | Simulates and mashes up data for a visual representation of facts.

My School Budget | Aims to address the lack of transparency in local school budgets.  The final product/app will create a dashboard with infographic-like charts for the public.

Empowerment | Promotes transparency with data (and shows how students compare to their peers) and assist students set short and long term goals.

Participants preparing to pitch ideas for Pitchfire

My StuDebt | A web-patform to help students be default-free with their debt.

Veritas Study | “ebay for education.” Connects students with the right teachers based on the way the student learns.

ClubHelper | Allows schools or clubs to match up with experts in their desired fields through an online forum.

Force of 6 | A game that has real life career-rich data for students to learn about the real world before they leave for college.  Kids grow their character as a mobile app while they gain valuable knowledge.

Animatron | A program to get kids into computer science programming.  Animatron will be a game to teach kids programming language while having fun.

Goal Tracker | Tracks data based on standards for each student. Provides personalized analytics for students.

Wishbooks | Start-up weekend meets Pinterest meets Kickstarter.  To find funding or resources for K-12 on the local level and to provide a platform for innovation education.

MyStuDebt forms its team

Pigeon | Helps non-English-speaking parents overcome the language barrier to communicate with teachers.

Elluminated |  Interactive e-reader that makes technology reach students.  It’s Facebook meets GoodReads. |  Strengths-finder for education. Matches up students who have strengths in their areas of weaknesses.