Why Attend a Startup Weekend EDU?


Education in the U.S. may be one of the biggest human rights issues of our time. Kids deserve access to an excellent education, yet many face an endless variety of challenges and problems in our existing system. It is imperative that we come together to solve these issues, and build new platforms, products, and tools to deliver a 21st-century education that resonates with current and future generations of teachers, administrators, and students. Thankfully, education as an entrepreneurial space has recently gained much traction and interest, including interest and backing from the venture and incubator community (Business Week Article). But there’s still much work to be done with too few bright spots of success. We believe that if we bring you — our educators, developers, designers, and business experts – together and help facilitate your collaboration in new and innovative ways, we can help contribute to the growing movement to close the achievement gaps in education and modernize our ways of learning.

Education/professional development:
Startup Weekends are all about learning through the act of creating.  Don’t just listen to theory, build your own strategy and test it as you go.

Build your network:
This isn’t just a happy-hour. Startup Weekend attracts your community’s best makers and do-ers. By spending a weekend working to build scalable companies that solve real-world problems, you will build long-lasting relationships and possibly walk away with a job or a even an investor.

Co-founder dating:
We all know it’s not just about the idea – it’s about the team. Startup Weekend is hands down the best way to to find someone you can actually launch a startup with.

Learn a new skill:
Step outside of your comfort zone. With a whole weekend dedicated to letting your creative juices flow, Startup Weekends are prefect opportunities to work on a new platform, learn a new programming language, or just try something different.

Actually launch a business:
Over 36% of Startup Weekend startups are still going strong after 3 months.  Roughly 80% of participants plan on continuing working with their team or startup after the weekend.

Get face time with thought leaders:
Local tech and startup leaders participate in Startup Weekends as mentors and judges. Get some one-on-one time with the movers and shakers in your community.

We cover what you need for the weekend (and it can pay off for long after):
Your ticket covers seven meals, snack, access to exclusive resources, possible sponsor swag, all the coffee you can drink, and more.

Join a global community:
Join over 30,000 Startup Weekend alumni, all on a mission to change the world.